Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twilight Tide Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Twilight Tide Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

this will definately put a smile on your face. I just had to post this for all of you to see. Thank Priscilla for passing it to me. I can just see Sammie Lee twirling around in this, can't you. You know she would but on cowboy boots with it and then beat up her big brothers for laughing at her.

little secret- I'd love to twirl in it. I really do miss those big twirlly skirts my Gram made as a kid. Have a great day eveyone.

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Priscilla Heaton aka priscillastyles said...

How fun..I use to love to twirl too. Good luck..hope one of us wins it :)